Emily dating pretty little liars

emily dating pretty little liars

Emily Fields : Alison DiLaurentis (Engaged Ben Coogan (Dated Maya. Germain (Kissed Talia Sandoval (Fling Sara Harvey (Fling Sabrina (Dated) Hanna Marin : Mike Montgomery (Kissed Sean Ackard (Dated Caleb Rivers (Married Wren Kingston (Kissed Gabriel Holbrook (Kissed Travis Hobbs (Dated Jordan Hobart (Ex-Fiancé). Ezria (Dated: broke up) Tranna (Broken Up) Haleb Paily (Dated: broke up) Spoby (On/Off) Joncer (Flirted: kissed) Spencer and Colin (Kissed) Emalia (Fling) Andria Alison and Holbrook (Kissed) Mina (On/Off) Spaleb (Broken Up) Jordanna (Broken Up) Ezria (Affair, then Official, then Engaged, then Married) Aria. Major relationships in, season 4 include : Jakria (Official, then Broken Up Coria (Kissed Paily (Official, then Broken Up Haleb (Broken Up Spoby (On/Off Raria (One-Night Stand Habriel (Kissed Tranna (Official Ezria (Official, then Broken Up and Mina (Official, then Broken Up). Fandom, comments (89 share, the Love Interests is a rhetorical group of people who were or are currently dating the. It also includes intense crushes and potential boyfriends or girlfriends. Pretty Little Liars, this group mainly consists of the four main "love interests Toby, Caleb, Paige, and Ezra. Spencer Hastings : Ian Thomas (Kissed Wren Kingston (Kissed Alex Santiago (Dated Toby Cavanaugh (Dating, Pregnancy Scare Jonny Raymond (Kissed Colin (Kissed Caleb Rivers (Dated Marco Furey (Hook-up). Major relationships in, season 2 include: Spoby (On/Off Haleb (Official Emara (Official, then Broken Up Emaya (On/Off Ezria (Official Haria (Fake Relationship and, nona (Official, then Broken Up).

The Love Interests: Emily dating pretty little liars

Germain (Dated Paige McCullers (Dated Samara Cook (Dated Lyndon James alias Nate. Aria Montgomery : Ezra Fitz (Married Noel Kahn (Dated Jason DiLaurentis (Dated Wesley Fitzgerald (Kissed Jake (Dated Connor (Kissed Riley (One-night stand Andrew Campbell (Dated Liam Greene (Dated). emily dating pretty little liars

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Gratis porno movies amateur prive Endgame Couples, the official endgame couples are: Relationships by Season. People Interested in Multiple Liars Andrew: Spencer and Aria Toby: Spencer and Emily (Prior to her coming out) Ian: Spencer and Alison Wren: Spencer and Hanna Mike: Mona and Hanna Gabriel: Alison and Hanna Ezra: Alison and Aria Caleb: Hanna and Spencer Noel: Mona and. Alison DiLaurentis was engaged to, emily, fields in the finale.
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